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Hi, let's get acquainted! My name is Maria Muzychenko, and I am a professional photographer. What does it mean? Before earning money for my work, I studied the art of photography at the Kyiv School of Photography - the first photography school in Ukraine, founded in 2000.

Today KShF is considered a leader among photography schools not only in Kyiv but also in Ukraine. Thanks to her wonderful teachers, including Konstantin Sova, Dmitry Sakharov, Stanislav Kaplunovsky, Vadym Vasin, Eugene Kostyukov, I gained the necessary experience and knowledge, without which the work of a professional photographer is impossible. I am infinitely grateful to these people.


Never stop there. The process of finding new ideas for shooting, new angles never stops. I am interested in learning new shooting techniques, different lighting schemes. Maybe it also attracts my customers. After all, their number is steadily growing. More than 200 photo projects are a considerable number.
Many photographers believe that if they buy the best camera, they will be able to take the best photos. The best camera will not work for you if there is nothing in your head or heart.
Arnold Newman
American photographer. He is considered one of the most prominent and influential photographers of the XX century.


In 2018 I became a member of the International Association of Sports Journalists (AIPS) and the Association of Sports Journalists of Ukraine (ASJU), and in 2019 I accepted the offer of the Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine to become an official photographer of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team of Ukraine.

In the near future I plan to continue working in the field of sports photography to delight my favorite gymnasts with bright and unforgettable photos from sports tournaments and studio shootings.
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