certificate for a photo shoot

You can give a photo shoot for a friend's birthday, parents' anniversary, wedding anniversary, New Year or Christmas, to your beloved wife on Valentine's Day (February 14) or International Women's Day (March 8). A photo session certificate is always valid on the occasion of the birth of a child or baptism.

In general, there are plenty of reasons to give wonderful memories and such a gift will always be pleasant and appropriate. You can order a gift certificate for a photo shoot, which will be conducted by a professional photographer - Mariya Muzychenko.

What is a good gift certificate for a photo shoot?

What is the beauty of a gift certificate

Your gift will be stylish and beautiful

The individual gift certificate is printed on a designer card and handed over in a branded envelope.

All-inclusive - it's always convenient!

The recipient of the certificate does not incur any costs associated with photography. All he needs to do is contact the photographer, discuss the subject of the photo shoot and agree on a shooting date.
What is the cost of a gift certificate?
Details about the cost
You can order as a gift any type of photo shoot presented on my site. To determine the cost of a gift photo to the price of the package, you must add the cost of the certificate in the amount of 20 Euros.
The person who presented a gift certificate for the photo shoot will be noted for its originality and good taste.
Are you familiar with the situation when on the eve of the birthday of your loved ones you have to ask yourself: "What will we give mom, dad, sister, girlfriend or friend"? We ask ourselves about it every year, over and over again. I recommend not to torment yourself with this question, because the answer is there, and I assure you, the birthday boy will like it very much. According to my clients, I can say that the photo shoot will be the most memorable gift, and the person who gave it will be marked by its originality and good taste.