Photo session
for Instagram

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Photo session for social networks
Photo session for social networks - what is it: a real need or a new time trend? Imagine your potential customer flipping through an Instagram feed.
Each picture lingers in front of his eyes for no more than a moment. In a second, the person decides to open the post to read it, or continue flipping through the tape. And this decision 90% depends on the photo in the post. If the picture on the cover of your post attracts attention, likes, surprises, intrigues, evokes another bright emotion - you will get a new subscriber, and possibly a client in the future. But if instead of a high-quality, bright and intriguing photo there will be a hackneyed image from the photo stock or a blurred selfie, your failed client will continue to flip through the tape. 
What can be achieved with quality photo content?
    Bright interesting photos, not like others - a guarantee that your posts will open. And then read, like, share… This is especially important for publications that you promote for a fee. Advertising post with a photo stock - money thrown away.
    Poor quality photos, illiterate texts in the posts are perceived by many users as an indicator of careless attitude to work. And some see it as an indirect sign that the business is "not very".
    A good smm photographer will not only take pictures for social networks, but also help to create a visual concept of content. This means that your posts will be recognizable by style and stand out from the crowd. You will buy your own face as a brand.

Examples of works


What is included in the cost of an Instagram photo shoot?


Selection of locations

Ideas for images tailored to your blog style and theme

Photo processing and retouching

Selection, processing and retouching of photos. The best shots will be brought to perfection. You can post them on social networks and in your online store.

Makeup artist services

The right make-up will help to create a bright individual image and emphasize the natural beauty of the model.

Hair styling

A beautiful hairstyle will emphasize the natural beauty, complement the image. The services of a hair stylist will help in this.


with the optimal size and aspect ratio for the design of the profile, stories and posts


Professional video based on shooting for stories and posts
Coach - Janika Vartlaan
Video based on a photo shoot for the international network of sports studios TOPSTRETCHING.
I'm ready to create extraordinary pictures for your social media accounts. They will help to reveal to subscribers your personality, convey the main idea of the project or the key message of the brand. The price of an Instagram photo session depends on the duration of the shooting, the venue (whether you need to rent a studio), the number of processed photos. I have prepared three packages for different client audiences, with the most popular options.
How I work
We discuss your ideas and wishes for shooting. We agree on the time and place of the photo shoot.
Prepaid expense
After approving the shooting budget, you pay an advance of 10% of the cost
We are taking your photo. On this day you must make 100% payment for all services
After shooting, you choose photos that will be retouched and printed. I hand over the finished order in person or send it by Nova Poshta.

Gift certificate for Instagram photo shoot

Instagram photo shoot is a great gift for a loved one. It is enough to buy a gift certificate for a professional photo shoot to please and give an unforgettable experience.

Why can you entrust your photography?

  • Experience
    I have been working in the genre of sports photography for over 5 years. Movement, plasticity, the beauty of the human body - my element.
  • Fast photo processing
    With the help of a team of experienced professional retouchers, you will receive your order very quickly.
  • Personal approach
    Before shooting, we discuss ideas together, choose characters, poses. Each shot is unique. Nobody will have photos like yours.
  • Perfect printing quality
    Premium quality photographs, photo books and canvases.
  • Ease
    I know how to approach even the most shy models, I help to adjust, relax and enjoy the process.
  • Make-up artist and hairdresser in the team
    Real masters with experience in television and filmmaking.
What do my clients say?❤️
  • Olga Sverdlikova
    Gymnast's mother
    I am happy that the choice of a talented photographer Maria Muzychenko met our expectations, gave the most valuable - incredible emotions during the shooting, and the result - the fulfillment of a child's dream and memory in the form of photos that cause admiration and smile for many years.
  • Yulia Vypiraylenko
    Gymnast's mother
    Makeup, hairstyle, photography - everything went great! And the photos we received the same day! We are just delighted! Thank you very much for such unforgettable emotions!
  • Janika Wartlaan
    Ukrainian gymnast
    During the photo shoot, I was very cheerful and excited about the process. Satisfied with the result 1000% Maria completed the task for the photo shoot.
  • Victoria Prygunova
    Gymnast's mother
    Thank you for your support, tips, encouragement during the shooting, a fine sense of humor, for the great work, approach and attitude to the little model. You are cool !!

How to prepare for a photo shoot for social networks

No special preparation will be required for this photo shoot. All preparations are undertaken by our team. We will discuss the images with you in advance, agree on what things you will take to shoot. Our stylist and make-up artist will make styling and make-up that will "behave well" and look spectacular. All you need is a good mood!