Family street


Family street photography

How much time do you spend with your family? To this question I often hear the same answer: very few. We are in constant trouble, and we spend time together mostly in our apartments on social networks or in front of the TV. Cases when the whole family went for a walk can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, I offer as a separate service of the photographer - a family photo walk. This is an opportunity to carefree spend a few hours outdoors together and save moments of a family walk in professional photos.
Outdoor photography can be done at any time of the year. After all, everyone knows that nature does not have bad weather. However, to make all the participants comfortable during the photo shoot, I prefer and recommend holding photo shoots outdoors in warm weather.
The most popular period of outdoor photo shoots in nature is, of course, April-May. When the street is warm enough and nature comes to life with new colors. Pictures in parks and squares during the flowering of cherries, magnolias or lilacs look very bright.

What do the services of a photographer consist of?

Photography is not just a photographer's job in the studio or on the street. To make the day of the photo session memorable and the result live up to expectations, I recommend including the following in the Family Photo Walk service:

Photo processing and retouching

The best shots will be brought to perfection. You can print them or create a photo book.

Photo printing

You can also order the printing of retouched photos in any format.

Photo printing on canvas

Each photo shoot always has one photo that you want to take on the canvas in a large format to decorate and complement the interior of your home.


Professional photography is an event that should be remembered for a lifetime. The 20x20 photo book on 10 pages will be a great addition to the family collection.

Examples of works

How I work
We discuss your ideas and wishes for shooting. We agree on the time and place of the photo shoot.
Prepaid expense
After approving the shooting budget, you pay an advance of 10% of the cost
We are taking your photo. On this day you must make 100% payment for all services
After shooting, you choose photos that will be retouched and printed. I hand over the finished order in person or send it by Nova Poshta.

Gift certificate for a family photo walk

Family street photography is a great gift for your friends on their wedding anniversary, birthday or just for the occasion. It is enough to buy a certificate for professional photography to please and give unforgettable impressions to your loved ones.

Why can you entrust your photography?

  • Experience
    I have been working in the genre of sports photography for over 5 years. Movement, plasticity, the beauty of the human body - my element.
  • Fast photo processing
    With the help of a team of experienced professional retouchers, you will receive your order very quickly.
  • Personal approach
    Before shooting, we discuss ideas together, choose characters, poses. Each shot is unique. Nobody will have photos like yours.
  • Perfect printing quality
    Premium quality photographs, photo books and canvases.
  • Ease
    I know how to approach even the most shy models, I help to adjust, relax and enjoy the process.
  • Make-up artist and hairdresser in the team
    Real masters with experience in television and filmmaking.
What do my clients say?❤️
  • Olga Sverdlikova
    Gymnast's mother
    I am happy that the choice of a talented photographer Maria Muzychenko met our expectations, gave the most valuable - incredible emotions during the shooting, and the result - the fulfillment of a child's dream and memory in the form of photos that cause admiration and smile for many years.
  • Yulia Vypiraylenko
    Gymnast's mother
    Makeup, hairstyle, photography - everything went great! And the photos we received the same day! We are just delighted! Thank you very much for such unforgettable emotions!
  • Janika Wartlaan
    Ukrainian gymnast
    During the photo shoot, I was very cheerful and excited about the process. Satisfied with the result 1000% Maria completed the task for the photo shoot.
  • Victoria Prygunova
    Gymnast's mother
    Thank you for your support, tips, encouragement during the shooting, a fine sense of humor, for the great work, approach and attitude to the little model. You are cool !!

How to prepare for a photo shoot on the street

No special preparation will be required for this photo shoot. All preparations are undertaken by our team. We will discuss the images with you in advance, agree on what things you will take to shoot. Our stylist and make-up artist will make styling and make-up that will "behave well" and look spectacular. All you need is a good mood!