Photography 1 routine

The cost of photo services includes:

  • photography of the gymnast's performance
  • from 20 photos
  • photo processing (correction)

Number of photos from 1 performance: 20-40

Term of execution of the order: 15 days from the end of the tournament

Notes on payment
How to get your order?
What is photo processing?

Notes on payment

  • In order for the payment to be successful, check the possibility of paying with your card online and the payment limits.
  • To pay with Apple Pay, go to the payment page through the Safari browser.

Note: In case of cancellation of the tournament or the gymnast's performance, the paid funds will be refunded less the bank fees.

How to get your order?

Once your order is ready, all photos are uploaded to the cloud storage, and the customer is sent an email link to access the photos.

What is photo processing?

Digital photos will look brighter if they are processed in a special program. The photo correction process includes:
  • deleting low-quality photos and selecting photos that will be processed later
  • color correction (so that the picture was not too yellow, blue or green);
  • exposure correction (so that the photo is not too dark or too light);
  • contrast correction;
  • saturation correction.
  • Cropping and correcting the horizon line.