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Photography for sports clubs

Group sports photography will help to convey the collective spirit and unique atmosphere of your sports school, the beauty of a particular sport. What attracts boys and girls to sports? Self-realization? High achievements? This is still more of a parent's ambition. For children, the sports section is a friendship, an interesting pastime, teamwork. Boys go to the sport for a fit athletic body and skills that can impress classmates. The girls dream of shiny outfits of gymnasts and skaters, performances in front of a large audience.
Therefore, a beautiful, atmospheric group photo of a sports team will attract more children to the sports club than stories about students' Olympic achievements. A photo session for sports schools involves many children (over 10) and their coaches in your gym or on the street. Professional reportage photos are casual, dynamic.
At the same time, they are aesthetic enough to become a beautiful banner, billboards, decorate the site or cover of your school's social networks. I have been conducting such photo sessions for gymnasts for a long time, but you can effectively show any sport in photos.

Examples of works


The cost of club reportage photography


Package "STANDART"

- photography - 2 hours
- up to 20 participants
- all good photos
- standard processing
- readiness for 10 days
- transfer photos via DropBox
€ 175
Extra services
not included in the package price
Additional 1 hour of photography
€50/1 hour
For large schools and clubs where you need to shoot more than 50 participants, it is better to order more time to shoot.
Photo retouching
€4/1 pc.
Photo retouching is a painstaking and complex process of photo processing. Therefore, the price for retouching is always calculated individually.
from € 1
The basic format for printing photos is 15x21. Possible to print in the following formats: 10 x 15; 20 x 30; 30 x 40. The cost of printing in these formats is discussed separately.
From €45
Photo printing on canvas in 55x35 format. Other formats and cost are discussed separately.
From €80
A wide range of environmentally friendly materials for photo book covers. Wood, fabric, leather or eco suede. Formats: 15x15; 20x20; 25x25 and 30x30
The filling of tariff packages is prepared for the convenience of the client. If there are additions or wishes, they can be discussed individually. For example, you can increase the number of retouched photos or order a premium gift photo book in a wooden cover.
How I work
We discuss your ideas and wishes for shooting. We agree on the time and place of the photo shoot.
Prepaid expense
After approving the shooting budget, you pay an advance of 10% of the cost
We are taking your photo. On this day you must make 100% payment for all services
After shooting, you choose photos that will be retouched and printed. I hand over the finished order in person or send it by Nova Poshta.

Gift certificate for a group photo shoot

Parents who want to make an original gift to the coach of their girls can buy a certificate for group shooting. Beautiful photos of your favorite students will delight the teacher and will be remembered by all participants of the photo shoot. For any of the members of the sports team, such a photo will also be a great gift from parents or friends.

Why can you entrust your photography?

  • Experience
    I have been working in the genre of sports photography for over 5 years. Movement, plasticity, the beauty of the human body - my element.
  • Fast photo processing
    With the help of a team of experienced professional retouchers, you will receive your order very quickly.
  • Personal approach
    Before shooting, we discuss ideas together, choose characters, poses. Each shot is unique. Nobody will have photos like yours.
  • Perfect printing quality
    Premium quality photographs, photo books and canvases.
  • Ease
    I know how to approach even the most shy models, I help to adjust, relax and enjoy the process.
  • Make-up artist and hairdresser in the team
    Real masters with experience in television and filmmaking.
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